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Male Masturbators

Male Masturbators

The Best Male Sex Toys


Man's favourite pastime is covered in our male masturbation section, that special alone time when you simply can't resist the need to relieve ones self , so here in this extensive area you can find a multitude of devices to aid in your pleasurable masturbation.

From sleeves to cyber skin pussy, and from the deluxe instant muff masturbator to the monkey spanker, we have it all for your pleasure.
The Super Sucker Ribbed Waterproof Stroker Masturbator
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Brand: Doc Johnson Model: DJ-0684-20-3
Gentlemen-you have just found your new favorite toy. The Super Sucker 2.0 is an exciting vibrating stroker made from the most lifelike material ever created-our ultra-realistic UR3. The Super Sucker 2.0 is designed with a closed end, which makes for intensely pleasurable sucking sensations. Its erg..
Brand: NMC Ltd Model: 150218
XXX to go.Seductive and real shaped masturbator.Made of super soft material for an ultimate sensual ride.A super love passage having a fully extendable tunnel which completely accommodates your penis.Tight delight, flexible ridge texture.Realistic vagina lips.Anus tight smooth opening...
Brand: California Exotic Model: SE-0929-15-3
Complete travel sized masturbator with 2 ends. Dual density for the ultimate stroking action. Life-like look and feel. Heavy duty one-piece masturbators with ribbed suction chambers. Unique design for maximum grip...
Brand: Utensil Race Model: OH-2594
This Meiki has a double layer structure canal design, the inner red layer is softer than the outer layer, it feels sturdy on hand and also very comfortable when thrusting through inside. The entry has a realistic big clitoris design, is very embracing and pressuring. The texture of the canal is very..
Brand: Utensil Race Model: OH-2293
The special edition onahole of NPG, in association with the famous Takahashi Shoko. From the well known Utensil Race Meiki Proof series and it's wonderful team, realistic onahole that truly mimic the private garden of Takahashi Shoko. A tempting pink inner wall, give you a great visual impact. This ..
Brand: Utensil Race Model: OH-0837
This masturbator is molded from the famous AV actress Namiki Yu, each area is delicately sculpted by professionals in Japan. The 32.2 degree angle of vagina, large and small clitoris all been made according to the real shape of Namiki Yu. Use with the 4.6PH creamy fluid, you would be like enjoying s..
Brand: Utensil Race Model: Proof001
Super AV model Ozawa Maria 3D moulding sleeve! As its previous version Utensil Race, this also has a super complex texture and structure, the feeling couldn't be better. In this new version, the g-spot lump has been made bigger and a uterus stinger is added at the end of the passage...
Brand: Utensil Race Model: ProofOL
Developed together by NPG, adult magazine, AV video company and Pepee lubricant, this new member of the well-known Utensil Race series will not disappoint anyone.With very realistic shape, super soft feeling and super tight feel complex tunnel, this sleeve brings you unlimited excitement for every f..
Brand: Utensil Race Model: UR009
molded from a mixed-race AV actress - Misaki Rola. Medium in size, weighs 580g, with it's realistic vaginal opening allows you to fancy about it. Rola has a fleshy nubbed tunnel with thick folds and a great g-spot, it starts tightening at middle part, feels like ingesting by Rola!..
Brand: Utensil Race Model: UR007
molded from the famous Japanese AV actress Sarah. It has a double layered labium, outter labium is in skin color, while the inner labium is made of pink color material.The tunnel is made of pink sticky material with a super complex 3D design, the whole passage is full of sticky bumps and dots, als..
Brand: Utensil Race Model: proof006
This 006 version of Utensil Race is molded from the charisma street angel of Taiwan. It has a double material layer material structure, the inner layer is made of a sticky pink material, providing higher friction and stimulation. The tunnel has a super complex 3D design, the whole passage is full of..
Brand: Utensil Race Model: UtensilRace2
The world's first All Dimension contruction technology! The mould is made according to the survey of 70000 upwards and downwards clitoris. This sleeve has a super complex texture and structure, feeling could be better than real. Size is also bigger for better flesh feel, and with large ridges for be..
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