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Male Masturbators

Male Masturbators

The Best Male Sex Toys


Man's favourite pastime is covered in our male masturbation section, that special alone time when you simply can't resist the need to relieve ones self , so here in this extensive area you can find a multitude of devices to aid in your pleasurable masturbation.

From sleeves to cyber skin pussy, and from the deluxe instant muff masturbator to the monkey spanker, we have it all for your pleasure.
Brand: You2Toys Model: 550426
Super-tight, smooth, soft and slippery pussy with vari-speed vibrating egg for maximum pleasure...
Brand: Utensil Race Model: ID950
The Mouth of Truth is made of fresh and soft material with dual and 3D structure design. Inside The Mouth of Truth, it has a small tongue, realistic hard teeth and lined grooves, the middle part is getting tighter and there is a vacuum area at the rear, feel the intense pleasure from this sleeve! - ..
Brand: Utensil Race Model: 4241906
The Mouth of Truth super soft version, give you more powerful sucking feeling! Inside The Mouth of Truth, it has a small tongue, realistic hard teeth and lined grooves, the middle part is getting tighter and there is a vacuum area at the rear, feel the intense pleasure from this sleeve!Hard plastic ..
Brand: Seven Creations Model: 7129
Magic Flesh Passionate Pussy masturbation Sleeve. Deep tight ass sleeve swallows you whole. Luscious flesh-like pussy lips, totally compact and easy to transport! Magic flesh material cleans easily and feels absolutely flesh-like and real every time!..
Brand: Doc Johnson Model: DJ-5569-06-3
Meggan Mallone Pocket Pal. Feel the heat of Vivid's sizzling new superstar, Meggan Mallone, in her very own pocket pal. Made from the incredibly lifelike UR3, this precisely cast and perfectly detailed pocket masturbator is just like being alone with Miss Mallone...
Brand: Monkey Spanker Model: MSCM
The super soft gel pad molds perfectly to accomodate your manhood. Great way to add extra stimulation to your private time...
Brand: Monkey Spanker Model: 3005100000
Monkey Spanker Vibrator is a brand new tool for spanking the monkey. Based on an innovative diaphragm design, Monkey Spanker forms a vibrating tube as it wraps around your dick. The super soft stretchy pad is made from a highly specialised medical grade material and has been designed to feel just li..
Mood Pleaser Thin Masturbator Blue 4.6 Inches Mood Pleaser Thin Masturbator Blue 4.6 Inches
Out of Stock
Brand: Doc Johnson Model: DJ-1471-01-3
Great for a solo session, or to add something extra to playtime with a partner. This Mood Pleaser (Thin) is Blue with a plush, smooth interior. The Mood Pleaser masturbators are 4.6 inches long, with a good bit of stretch to accommodate yet fit snugly. You wont believe how much the soft internal tex..
Brand: NMC Ltd Model: RXM470
This super sexy realistic pussy is made of the most amazing material, it's gonna blow you away. Loveclone Material will let stretch to accommodate almost any penis. The extendable love tunnel is ribbed for even more stimulation and it has a super realistic pussy design on the end...
Brand: Utensil Race Model: OH-2407
NPG has raised the bar once again. Based on the beautiful Japanese porn star Yuria Satomi who has been featured in over 190 films in Japan, the Meiki Sosei Yuria Satomi Kinchaku onahole is very special. A true remodelling of her vagina that were even overseen by a physician who specialized in genita..
Brand: Utensil Race Model: OH-1487
The 10th-anniversary special edition onahole of NPG, in association with the famous Okita Anri, who they called the women with the perfect body in Japan. A massive onahole with 3 layers, 2 holes and is made in Japan. From the well known Utensil Race series and it's wonderful team, to celebrate the 1..
Brand: NMC Ltd Model: 150138
Palm Rubs Open all hours Masturbator NMC is working like a vagina, the already eagerly awaiting use, whether at home or on the road. Experience an explosive orgasm! This exclusive tunnel masturbator has a depth of 17.8 cm and is equipped inside with stimulating nubs, so that a very intense sexual pl..
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