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Cheap Lifesize Love Doll Jane

Cheap Lifesize Love Doll Jane
Cheap Lifesize Love Doll Jane
Cheap Lifesize Love Doll Jane
Cheap Lifesize Love Doll Jane
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Cheap Lifesize Love Doll Jane
Cheap Lifesize Love Doll Jane
Cheap Lifesize Love Doll Jane
Cheap Lifesize Love Doll Jane
Cheap Lifesize Love Doll Jane
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  • Model: D8714273549211
  • Weight: 40.00kg
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Shots are delighted to present their new Real life doll. Jane is a standing doll made of Body-safe TPE material. Jane has fully posable arms and legs. Always gently and carefully move the arms and legs to the required position. Jane has standing bolts to give the correct balance for standing. It is possible to remove the standing bolts. Just twist them off. Warning: when the bolts are removed Jane cannot stand! Jane can wear shoes however it is recommended to wear only flat shoes, no heels.

Jane has three openings for amazing erotic play to fulfil all your desires. The vaginal, anal and oral areas of Jane should be cleaned after every use to avoid a buildup of bacteria. Use an only water-based lubricant. Silicone or petroleum-based lubes can damage Jane's skin.

To give a more realistic feel a body warming element has been added. To initiate the warming element, please plug in a USB port. Keep for 3 minutes in the USB port to reach maximum warmth. After this insert the element to Jane's preferred opening.

Take care not to place Jane with or on items containing inks, such as newspapers, magazines, dark-coloured material, black or wet sheets or leather materials containing oil-soluble pigments as well.

Experience an amazing real-life adventure. You can have a date anytime you want with Jane!

USB body warming element
1 Chest ball
Lingerie set
Extra replacement press-on nails
Body lotion lubricant
Toy cleaner
Renewing powder
Cleansing irrigator
1 Extra accessory vagina
Instruction manual

Length 160cm
Weight 40kg
Breast G
Waist 61cm
Hip 97cm
Vagina depth 18cm
Anus depth 18cm
Oral depth 15cm

Care Guidelines:

A complete Cleaning and Care Guide will be included with your sex doll purchase.

The sex dolls can stand although it is not recommended that they do so for prolonged periods of time.

Do not submerge the doll in water.

We recommend that you use your doll with a condom and clean the orifice after every use with Essentials Toy Cleaner. The entire doll should be cleaned every 2-4 weeks.

We have found that any light blemishes or marks to the outer TPE skin can be cleaned using Simple Make Up Cleansing Oil. Apply it to the area, rub into the TPE and allow to dry. Then, apply a dusting of Johnson's Baby Powder to restore the skin's softness. Both of these products are available from most large retailers.

After cleaning, please make sure that the doll and all openings are thoroughly dried with an absorbent, white paper towel.

Dark, non-colourfast colours may transfer onto the TPE skin. Therefore, we do not recommend dressing the doll in medium or dark colours. Please ensure that clothing items are colourfast and washed several times before use.

As TPE contains oil, please take care to avoid oil marks being transferred onto other items.

If using a warming stick, please ensure it is not left in the doll for too long as this can damage the TPE.


DELIVERY POLICY: Due to the size and weight of this product, it will be sent via a UK courier service from UK stock. At the moment, we can only offer mainland UK delivery for this item.

RETURNS POLICY: A 20% restocking fee will be charged for any returned doll. If a doll has been used in any way or cannot be repackaged, a refund will not be given. We advise customers to read our full returns policy.

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