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Banger Babe Pamela Lifesize Love Doll

Banger Babe Pamela Lifesize Love Doll
Banger Babe Pamela Lifesize Love Doll
Banger Babe Pamela Lifesize Love Doll
Banger Babe Pamela Lifesize Love Doll
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Banger Babe Pamela Lifesize Love Doll
Banger Babe Pamela Lifesize Love Doll
Banger Babe Pamela Lifesize Love Doll
Banger Babe Pamela Lifesize Love Doll
Banger Babe Pamela Lifesize Love Doll
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I am Pamela, a busty bombshell that loves to get promiscuous. Some might call me a bit of a nymphomaniac, but I simply cannot help myself I always want more. My appetite for passion and pleasure is very strong, so I need a man who can help feed my naughty cravings. Oral, anal, any hole: will you be my special, rock-hard treat?

Specifications Shoe size 36, Clothing size S, M Bust 95 cm Waist size 54 cm Hip size 97 cm. 39KG

Pamela is a large, life-sized love doll made of premium materials such as smooth TPE. The design features a sturdy steel skeleton for maximum durability and freestanding usage, and flexibility to pose the doll into a position of choice. Each Bangers Babes lady features realistic oral, vaginal, and anal textured canals that can be warmed/heated up if desired.

Other lifelike details include quality hairpiece, faux-nails, and delicate facial features. Adhering to an outstanding quality standard, this lovely lady will be your favourite play-thing for many years to come. This luxury doll comes with a wide range of accessories to keep your lady looking, and feeling, her best at all times!

Included in the package are two naughty lingerie sets, S8 Quality toy cleaner, S8 Silky lubricant, S8 Renewal powder, white cotton gloves for moving and handling the doll, a set of replacement fingernails, a USB-heating wand, a cleansing irrigator, a hairbrush, and extensive care instructions. If you want the real deal, this Bangers Babe is your perfect, pleasurable match! Do note that due to its size and weight, this item does not come in conventional product packaging and will instead be shipped in a discreet, cardboard box.

Care Guidelines:

A complete Cleaning and Care Guide will be included with your sex doll purchase.

The sex dolls can stand although it is not recommended that they do so for prolonged periods of time.

Do not submerge the doll in water.

We recommend that you use your doll with a condom and clean the orifice after every use with Essentials Toy Cleaner. The entire doll should be cleaned every 2-4 weeks.

We have found that any light blemishes or marks to the outer TPE skin can be cleaned using Simple Make Up Cleansing Oil. Apply it to the area, rub into the TPE and allow to dry. Then, apply a dusting of Johnson's Baby Powder to restore the skin's softness. Both of these products are available from most large retailers.

After cleaning, please make sure that the doll and all openings are thoroughly dried with an absorbent, white paper towel.

Dark, non-colourfast colours may transfer onto the TPE skin. Therefore, we do not recommend dressing the doll in medium or dark colours. Please ensure that clothing items are colourfast and washed several times before use.

As TPE contains oil, please take care to avoid oil marks being transferred onto other items.

If using a warming stick, please ensure it is not left in the doll for too long as this can damage the TPE.


DELIVERY POLICY: Due to the size and weight of this product, it will be sent via a UK courier service from UK stock. At the moment, we can only offer mainland UK delivery for this item.

RETURNS POLICY: A 20% restocking fee will be charged for any returned doll. If a doll has been used in any way or cannot be repackaged, a refund will not be given. We advise customers to read our full returns policy.

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