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Rock Rings

Brand: Rock Rings Model: FKG004A000
The Roadies make sure that your equipment is in perfect working order before the big show. These cock rings have a subtle design tweak that amplifies play. They feature a textured design, adding extra sensory pleasure for both partners. These cock rings are made from stretchy silicone that's ultra h..
Brand: Rock Rings Model: K0012B10PTCS
In the shape of an octagon, with eight fantastic sides and eight awesome angles, The Cocktagon will keep your erection firm and ready for action. Fit it to the base of your erect penis to restrict blood flow, giving you a harder, longer session. With three different size Cocktagons to play with, thi..
Rock Rings The Hellfire ll 2 Pack Black Cock Rings
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Brand: Rock Rings Model: K0010B10PTCS
Become the god of Hellfire with these uniquely shaped cock rings that are extremely comfortable due to their seamless design. When worn at the base of the penis, they will help you maintain a bigger erection for longer. With two different size Hellfires to play with, the extra heat in the bedroom wi..
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