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Pjur Lubricants

Brand: Pjur Lubricants Model: 827160100261
Pjur AQUA. Unique water-based personal lubricant. Designed to give extra moisture when needed, latex condom-safe, long lasting, extra slippery, oil-free, fat-free, fragrance-free, stain-free, no after use clean up, dermatologically tested for skin and mucous membrane compatibility. No toxic, tastele..
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Pjur Back Door Spray
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Brand: Pjur Lubricants Model: R3125
An extraordinary anal comfort spray. The ingredient panthenol supports the suppleness of the skin, reduces sensitivity and helps you to enjoy anal intercourse to the max. IngredientsPropylene glycol, Laureth-4, Aloe barbedensis leaf juice, Alcohol denat, Panthenol, Mentha piperita oil...
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Brand: Pjur Lubricants Model: 827160104665
With a higher concentration of ingredients for maximum comfort and pleasure, Pjur Back Door Glide has been specially formulated for anal play.This anal lubricant has a silicone base and the extra long-lasting formulation promises extended pleasure. Jojoba encourages your body to relax during anal pl..
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Brand: Pjur Lubricants Model: R3162
For massage and moisturising long lasting lubricant.A few drops go a long way.Fragrance-free, oil-free and non-greasy. IngredientsCyclopentasiloxane, Dimethicone, Dimethiconol...
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Pjur Cult Ultra Shine For Rubber And Latex 250ml
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Brand: Pjur Lubricants Model: r3146
pjur CULT is a revolutionary formula that helps you slip into tight rubber and latex clothing (even for the very hairy). pjur CULT is also an excellent rubber and latex conditioner. The special ingredients penetrate the molecular structure and extend the life of the garments, making rubber and latex..
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Pjur Man Basic Personal Glide Lubricant 250ml
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Brand: Pjur Lubricants Model: R3116
Silicone glide long-lasting lubricant, a few drops is all you need.Fragrance-free, excellent latex conditioner and is latex safe.Skin compatibility dermatologically confirmed, oil-free and non-greasy no preservatives and contains no spermicides and is not a contraceptive. Safe for daily use. Ingredi..
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Brand: Pjur Lubricants Model: R3152
Water-based lubricant including natural ingredients, good for all skin types, recommended for hypersensitive skin and mucous membranes, outstanding lubricating properties, glycerin derived from plants provides moisture for the protection and care of dry skin, its excellent compatibility with skin an..
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Brand: Pjur Lubricants Model: R3151
Silicone-based lubricant providing extremely long lasting silky lubrication while simultaneously caring for your skin.Recommended for hypersensitive skin and mucous membranes, only a few drops are sufficient per application.Its excellent compatibility with skin and mucous membranes is dermatological..
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Brand: Pjur Lubricants Model: R3160
Water-based intimate personal lubricant without additives. As neutral as possible thus ensuring maximum compatibility with mucous membranes. Glycerine, parabens, and preservative agents were therefore deliberately left out to make the formulation as neutral as possible.No preservatives, paraben and ..
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Brand: Pjur Lubricants Model: R3168
Pjur med VEGAN glide is a specially developed, preservative-free water-based intimate personal lubricant with solely vegan ingredients and without any animal testing. It provides gentle additional moisture for a long-lasting lubrication and is pH-balanced. The formula is especially suitable for sens..
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Brand: Pjur Lubricants Model: 827160104658
Pjur Myglide stimulating and warming lubricant has been formulated according to ecological guidelines. It is a water-based lubricant with a pleasant warming effect, enhancing your feelings. Ginseng stimulates and intensifies your pleasure while making love. Condom safe. No contraceptive contains no ..
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Brand: Pjur Lubricants Model: 827160106232
Pjur Bodyglide provides extra long lasting lubrication for massage. Also designed for personal moisturizing and skin conditioning. Only a few drops needed. Enhances your personal pleasure. Never gets sticky gold dries out. Leaves your skin silky soft and smooth. Skin compatibility dermatologically c..
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