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Joy Division

Brand: Joy Division Model: 3500003521
Security with out the thread during menstruation. The original soft tampons were developed according to the latest gynaecological state of the art for wearing in the sauna, for sport and swimming as well as for hygienic sexual intercourse during menstruation. Comfortable and pleasant to use. have la..
Brand: Joy Division Model: 3500003520
Soft tampons have been designed for hygienic intercourse usage during menstruation as well as for use during sports and swimming and even in the sauna. 3 in a pack..
Brand: Joy Division Model: 3100003030
Extra long lubricating power, highly effective and economical. 100 Percent condom compatible, oil-free and fat-free, preservative-free, completely safe, extremely gentle on the skin, dermatologically and clinically tested. IngredientsDimethicone, Dimethiconol...
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