Fancy playing doctors and nurses or perhaps the patient; have a fetish about medical instruments? Well then you have come to the right section, here you will find medical instrument for your fetish role-play, from anal stretchers to metal pinwheels, pincers to vaginal openers, all for your erotic pleasure.
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There are 2 cups for each size.0.625, and nbsp1, and nbsp1.25, and nbsp1.625, and nbsp2 and nbspand ..
1.2 inch wide head 1 inch. 7 spinning wheels of Sharpe pins ..
This vibrating urethral sound has amazing potential. It is devious enough in its intended purpose, c..
This 14pc Deluxe Flat Ended Sound kit is a great for kit for beginners or advanced users of urethral..
The Hegar Sound Set is a urethral dilator sound set with a full set of 8 sounds. Each sound has a di..
Put this on your finger to teash and scratch...
Get extremely kinky with this penis or ball crusher, for the lovers of CBT alone or with a partner. ..
Transparent vaginal speculum made of firm and slippery material. Blades open up to 12cm. With enga..
Integrated with both modern technology and traditional medicine. Accelerate blood circulation and i..
Medical piercing forceps with detachable rubber inserts. Also used as nipple clamp...
Steel Anal Speculum made from medical steel...
This is a marvelously effective ball crusher with a very industrial look. Its operation is simple. E..
Black testicles pillory made of wood with two adjustable..
This exquisitely excruciating piece will spread you open and leave you completely at their mercy. De..