Shock footage shows stream of ‘migrants’ coming out back of lorry near Dartford Crossing

The dashcam video, posted on social media, shows what is believed to be the driver of the truck opening its back doors and ushering two men and two women out onto the carriageway.

It was shot by a driver following the lorry and was uploaded to the Kent 999s Twitter feed, which monitors crime in the county.

The posting claims that the incident took place on the A282 near Dartford, in Kent. It does not say when it is supposed to have taken place but it was only uploaded this evening.

In the footage what appears to be the driver of the truck, which has a Spanish number plate, can be seen ushering people out of the back and onto the road.

The driver of the vehicle from which it was shot exclaims “no way” as the middle-aged driver, wearing a yellow t-shirt and jeans, opens the back doors to reveal several people hiding amongst his cargo of fruit.

Over the next 45 seconds a young man carrying a smartphone and wearing a silver bracelet gets hops out and walks away before being followed by a young woman in a headscarf.

People getting out of a truck in the footage

People getting out of the truck in the footage

A man in a red jacket, who stays in the truck, then helps down an elderly looking lady, also in a headscarf, before finally a middle-aged man wearing a shirt and carrying a hold-all exits the vehicle.

As the shocking scene unfolds in front of him, the stunned driver in the car behind exclaims: “No way. He’s letting them out. Oh, I’ve never seen anything like this in my f***** life.”

In a statement the Spanish haulage company which employed the driver said he was “very experienced” and had had no idea that there were migrants in the back of his truck.

El Mosca added that the lorry did not stop before Calais and that it passed all controls and scanners twice, saying it was not until other motorists alerted the driver to shouting and banging from the back of his vehicle that the migrants were discovered.

A spokesman said: “We have incorporated two systems that control doors opening. We think that the only way this could have happened, is once he was inside the ferry, the GPS did not receive signal to detect this problem.

“Police confirmed at the port that all checks were fine.The driver was alerted by other cars in a traffic jam, because they heard voices and noises coming from inside the truck.

“He got down and went to see what was the problem and opened doors and realized that immigrants were inside the truck.

“Shocked by this action he did not know what to do, as he has never been in this situation before and told them to step down from the truck straight away.”

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