Whether you want a relaxing night in the dark or wish to indulge in the mysterious naughtiness of the unknown, or even fancy playing a little erotic play without seeing what is coming, here in our Sexy Masks & Blindfolds section we have something for you. 

From a simple yet effective scarf style blindfold to a leopard pattern cat mask and whip for a little domination role-play, and from the sensual erotic feel of real leather blindfolds to fun fluffy bedtime eye masks so you can get a good night's sleep, or to enjoy the heightened sensuality of the unknown.

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Blind Love Black Eye Mask
Experience a new sensual stimulation with the black blindfold. Polyester...
Blindfold, 100% polyester. 150 X 10 cm...
Cushioned Blindfold
Genuine leather cushioned blindfold, adjustable with buckle...
Fetish Fantasy Limited Edition Leather Love Mask
Create thrilling sexual excitement with this beautiful Fetish Fantasy Leather Love Mask. Try it on y..
Fetish Fantasy Series Spandex Full Face Hood
This comfortable full face hood is designed to stretch completely over the head, allowing just a hin..
Leather Blindfold
Genuine leather blindfold, adjustable with buckles...
Leather Blindfold Mask
Blindfold decorated with rivets, adjustable with buckle...
Leather Blindfold with Detachable Blinkers
Genuine leather blindfold with detachable blinkers, adjustable with buckles...
Leather Female Head Mask
Genuine leather head mask with cat eyes, decorated with rivets and laces both sides...
Leather Full Face Mask with Detachable Blinkers
Genuine leather face mask with detachable blinkers and mouth piece and zipper. One size with laces. ..
Leather Head mask
Instil a visual nightmare or medieval torture with this genuine leather head mask with lace up sides..
Leather Mask Hanger
Genuine leather hanging mask with rings and chin band, adjustable with buckles...
Leather Muzzle Mask
Genuine leather muzzle mask with hanging metal ring on top, adjustable with buckles...
Leather Open Eye Mask with Rivets
Open eye mask decorated with rivets, adjustable with buckle...
Leather Spiked Face Mask with Open Straps
Genuine leather spiked face mask with open straps, adjustable with buckles. ..
Leo Leopard Print Mask
Experience new sensual stimulation with the furry patterned blindfold. Polyester..

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