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Lubricants and Oils
Lubricants and Oils
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Pjur Med Natural Glide Water Based Lube 100ml

Water-based lubricant including natural ingredients, good for all skin types, recommended for hypers..


Pjur Med Premium Glide Intimate Personal Lubricant 100ml

Silicone-based lubricant providing extremely long lasting silky lubrication while simultaneously car..


Pjur Med Sensitive Glide Intimate Personal Lubricant 100ml

Water-based intimate personal lubricant without additives. As neutral as possible thus ensuring maxi..


Pjur Med Vegan Glide Intimate Personal Lubricant 100ml

Pjur med VEGAN glide is a specially developed, preservative-free water-based intimate personal lubri..


Pjur Myglide 30ml

Pjur Myglide stimulating and warming lubricant has been formulated according to ecological guideline..


Pjur Original Bodyglide 30ml

Pjur Bodyglide provides extra long lasting lubrication for massage. Also designed for personal moist..


Pjur Power Premium Cream 150ml

The name says it all. PJjur Power Premium Cream is one of our most powerful silicone and water-based..


Pjur Repair Glide Water Based Lubricant 100ml

Water-based lubricant including natural ingredients helps regenerate skin and mucous membranes thank..


Pjur Toy Lube Personal Lubricant 100ml

The non-drip personal lubricant for use with erotic toys and accessories. The creamy texture is easy..


Pjur Woman Body Glide 30ml

Pjur Woman has been specially formulated for women's soft and sensitive skin. Provides extra long la..


Pjur Woman Nude Water Based Personal Lubricant 100ml

Neutral, water-based premium lubricant without additives. Designed especially for soft and sensitive..


Pussy Juice Vagina Scented Lubricant

Glycerine and paraben free.This uniquely scented lube gives you the smell of a wet, juicy pussy, bot..


Rub It Out Shower Masturbation Cream

GET WET. GET DIRTY. GET CLEAN. REPEAT. We help busy men like you get the most from your solo shower ..


S8 Cooling Water Based Lube 50ml

The premium Waterbase Cooling Lubricant by S8 is a perfect match with consumers looking for a body-s..


S8 Hybrid Lube 50ml

The premium S8 Hybrid Lubricant is the perfect match for consumers who don't want to comprise, as it..

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